"Forget Prince Charming. I'll take the wolf." - Emily the Strange

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I met up with the girls about 2 weeks ago for the 'Desperate Housewives' event in Rockwell. I just wanted to hang out as it has been such a long time since Cathy and I were with Jewel. Actually, the last time that the three of us had been together was when, well, Jewel introduced me and Cathy to each other. We hit it off right away and have become such great - take note, great, not good - friends that we certainly owe a lot to Jewel for hooking us up in the first place.

The event would've totally sucked if it weren't for the free booze and the handful of hot guys they paraded in front of us. The girl playing the part of Mary Alice was so monotonous that the dead character's voice seemed more alive than her! A little piece of advice sweetie - take acting lessons otherwise don't quit your dayjob of being a model. Just stand there and look pretty; don't you dare open your lovely little mouth -- EVER.

Anyways, we went looking for a place to eat after the conclusion of the event (It wasn't so much that the emcee bade us goodbye but the band they hired for that night, the Bloomfields, was just a little too... how should I put this diplomatically?... nah, I guess I'll just have to say it -- wrong. Sorry Jayjay if you're reading this post. You told me your band plays '60's inspired rock, you should've deleted the word inspired) and ended up chatting endlessly at Brothers' Burgers and then Starbucks at a much later time. Number one topic of conversation? Guy gripes. More to the point - the shameless, lecherous assholes that has or is still within each of our lives.

Why don't men come with warning tags or labels like that in cigarette cartons so we could steer clear of them as soon as we see them? Life's hard enough, I don't think we ladies need anymore problems on our already stressful life. And if we meet the one decent guy that we could probably invest our time and emotions in for a long-term relationship, why can't they have an individualized step-by-step instruction so we'd know exactly what we'd have to deal with? Would it be possible as well to let them have an expiration date so you'd know until when they'd be good for that specific part of your life so you could let them go before they make the first move in trying to dispose of you?

I guess that'll be a good topic for my scheduled brunch with the girls within the next 2 weeks. Oh, Cathy and I entertained the thought of setting aside one day a month to get together and do some crazy shit together. I hope Jewel's available by then. All we need is just one more person and we'd be like Carrie (Bradshaw)'s posse. Cathy's definitely Samantha. Jewel's the perfect Miranda. Me? I'm still a little bit undecided because I have a little of both Charlotte and Carrie within me. I'd probably be Charlotte because of my naivite on some things and the way I dress. I could also be Carrie due to my love for writing, fashion, shopping and talking about all aspects of sex. I guess it's my inquisitive nature kicking in.

Speaking of talking about sex, we've invited two of my best friend from high school to join our little discussion group. I happened to bump into one of them at the Toys and Hobbies Convention that was recently held in Megamall. Oh boy, did she give me such a bombshell of a revelation!