"Forget Prince Charming. I'll take the wolf." - Emily the Strange

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Last Lyric Syndrome

Days like this, I don't know what to do with myself
All day - and all night
- 'Sullen Girl' from Fiona Apple's Tidal LP

It's pretty much the only lyric that reverberates on my head right now because it pretty much sums up everything that's happening with my life - love life - to be exact. I never really figured that I was the type to be so obsessive about my lovelife but apparently, I AM. I don't care who is able to read this, all I want is some form of an outlet on my guy gripes just so I could let it all out. I've tried talking with my sister, my friends, my significant others, ex-significant others, heck, almost everybody that I know but somehow sometimes it just doesn't...



Maybe what I'm really looking for is an outlet free from judgement, the side comments, the there-you-go-again look on their faces. What so often happens is A) a debate, B) a lecture or C) explain myself to them endlessly, which I most certainly detest. I realized just now that I need this outlet to try figure things out.