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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two Things That Pissed Me Off Today

*This was supposed to be posted Monday night but I was unable to do so*

I am just so pissed off right now and two things contributed to that. The first one is a guy I was supposed to go out with for a date last Saturday. His name’s Eric. How I came to know him is very interesting. If you are, just continue reading the second to the eighth paragraph. If you’re bored or dying to know what happened, skip ahead to the ninth and tenth paragraph.

I was surprised to have received a text message from Eric mid-part of last week. It says on his initial text message that he’s updating his phone book and that I keep in touch. I didn’t recognize his number and I certainly do not know anybody named Eric Dee. I played coy and tried to fish for information on how he got my number - he tells me that he got introduced to me by a friend or a classmate named Jenny from my old school.

I think there was a Jenny in my biology class. How about another girl named Jenny? I have no freaking clue. I’m certain there would be a lot of Jenny’s and Jennifer’s in my school but my campus is a tad too big to meet and remember each and every one of them. I was utterly curious about this person so I decided to start a conversation even though the alarm bells were ringing in my head.

He called me up on my cell and we talk for 15 minutes. I gather a couple more information about this guy – graduated from Mapua sometime during the late ‘90’s; he works as a management consultant in Makati; he’s in his 30’s and that he wants to see me as soon as possible. Something’s not right about this guy and I am getting to the bottom of it. We settled on lunch time of Friday since I was expecting to go out Thursday night with Brian. Since we were both on company time, I ended the conversation abruptly and him asking me for my Friendster profile. Being the control freak that I am, I asked for his instead of giving him mine and promptly put the phone down.

Another puzzling piece of information popped up. If his name is Eric, what the hell is he using bryan_gutierez@yahoo.com for? More importantly, who is Bryan? Those questions would have to wait. It’d be much better to see him in person, especially if he squirms with uneasiness.

Friday came and we didn’t meet. I didn’t go to work that day as I was not feeling well. He called me on my cell phone again to reschedule our plans. He tells me that he really is an upfront person (hmm, he sounds a lot like Patrick the forever-in-a-rush-for-something) and that he likes me. He adds that he accepted me as a friend, took a look at my profile and found me to be to his liking as I was mature for my age.

Eric proceeded to ask me my views about dating older guys and that brought up briefly my dating history. He then narrated to me an observation made by his 20-something co-worker who is digging older guys. Her observation is about how older guys are not afraid of asking for sexual favors. Eric then asked if it’d be okay for me to meet him Saturday and go somewhere private. I indignantly said no the first time and next two or three times he repeated the question. He finally reneged on meeting him over at Megamall.

“Who the hell does he think he is?” at the back of my mind.

Saturday, my meeting runs into overtime until 4. I got a text message from Eric saying that he’s in Cebu for an emergency and that he’ll explain by Monday.

This morning, Eric called and he did explain. In a weak, almost croaking, voice he admitted to me that he is married with kids (I should’ve known!). He was in Cebu with his family because one of his in-laws died. He only went back to Manila today to show up for work. I turn into my ice princess-bitch mode and confront his sorry little ass. He can’t stop saying ‘I’m sorry’ until now and he better be. I may have been many things before -- a cheater, a third party, the third wheel -- but I definitely have no plans of being a homewrecker, thank you for asking.

The second thing to piss me off was what happened this afternoon. Out of the blue, the Skype chat window from Alan popped up on my screen with this message (sic):

“if have any problems with BLOCKED sites u tell me......kng yan lng problema nyo oopen ko at
mapakasawa kyo* sa blogs (if that’s your only problem, I’ll open it and you both enjoy all the blogs you want)!”

*tone of the statement has a very nasty connotation and there is no direct translation of the exact phrase.

I asked him if the message was for me and he said yes. I told him I don’t care because I really don’t. I could always use my internet access at home. His next message was that I should look for another person to do the materials I need for the call center project I’m handling. My, my, getting catty, aren’t we?

I asked him if he really can’t do it or he just doesn’t want to. He replied by saying that he’s busy with our company’s Korean website. Whatever! I don’t care if you have an ex-lover’s quarrel with you-know-who, just don’t screw me and my work over when you’re trying to get back at her. Grow up!


Anonymous Rien said...

*pats* With regards the second irritating thing that happened to you, the only solution that I can think of is -- tell you boss about it or tell his boss. Make a formal complaint or email him about it.

Masarap magsumbong paminsan minsan *grins evilly*

11:27 PM

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